Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ozarks Neighbors

These were our neighbors in the Ozarks. A herd of Black Angus cattle was literally on the other side of the chain link fence which surrounded our yard. The cattle were on three sides. We really enjoyed watching them.

Our dog Lady, a pyrenees collie mix, especially loved playing with all the baby calves born in the spring. She would go to the fence and stick her long, skinny nose through the holes. The baby calves would cautiously come closer and closer, sometimes even touching their noses to hers. Lady would bark at them while wagging her tail. The calves would run back into the field kicking their heels up in play. Lady would race around the yard as fast as she could, then return to the fence to begin their game again.

The cattle interacted with all the assorted animals we kept on the farm. For awhile we had sheep. Two of our little rams had a crush on the Angus heifers. The rams would literally follow the heifers around in the field, content just to be with them.

Even the chickens and the cattle were friends. One day while I was looking out the window, I noticed the big Angus bull was over by the chicken house. He appeared to have his head pressed against the fence while a hen was rubbing against him on the other side. They looked as if they were having a conversation.

It was a crazy neighborhood, but everyone got along well.

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