Saturday, May 16, 2009

Loving Good Junk

I love junk. I like to think that I love good junk, but others might dispute the distinction. These photos show some of my graniteware collection on my barn wood shelves on the screened in porch. I just love looking for assorted old things to add to this grouping. I dig through piles of junk at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and auctions looking for more treasures.
My junk addiction probably started when I was very young and a little old man gave me a gift.
Back when I was just a wee little lass, my mother and aunt managed a gas/convenience store located on what was then, a busy 2 lane highway running through the heart of a remote country village. Most of our business came from tourists passing through on their way to larger vacation destinations in the Ozark Mountains.

Across the road from our gas station was a shop designed to draw in all those city dwellers with their large wallets. This was the mother of all junk stores. It was actually more like a Junk Palace. It was owned and operated by a very old little man named Mr. C.

I loved going to visit Mr. C's flea market. I still remember how the big wooden door always creaked as my little hands turned the knob and I entered this magical world. There were more treasures inside than my child's eyes could take in. The shelves were crammed full of goodies practically from floor to ceiling! I walked the aisles in amazement of what wonderful things could be purchased if I only had enough money. I didn't know what many of the items were, but it didn't matter. My imagination ran wild with the possibilities of what I could create if only I could buy some of these treasures.

During one special visit to the junk kingdom, Mr. C. gave me a gift. I believe it was my birthday. That day Mr. C. gave me a set of vintage gold tumblers in a gold metal carrying caddy. I was overwhelmed. They were the most beautiful glasses I had ever seen. I thought they must have been the finest, most precious glasses in the world. I couldn't believe I now owned something so wonderful! This was the perfect gift in my eyes.

When we got home, I insisted that we use those beautiful glasses at my birthday party. I was certain I had the most elegant 4th birthday party anyone ever had! Then I asked my mother to pack them away in a safe place. I didn't want to take a chance on anyone breaking my magnificent glasses. I took them out only on special occasions.

I kept those glasses for many years. I was deeply saddened after one of our frequent moves, when I realized that the golden glasses hadn't made it with me.

Now I decorate my home in a sort of funky, country style with lots of worn wood and chippy paint. Yet I sometimes find myself searching through flea markets in hopes of finding some shiny tumblers in a gold carrying caddy. They wouldn't match my home, but they are, after all, some of the finest glassware in the world. How could a girl hope for anything more precious than that!

Blessings to you.

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