Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Blogging Rules for Me

I was looking on the internet for some scrapbooking ideas about a year ago when I stumbled upon my first blog. It was a good one. The author had wonderful photographs illustrating what she had done. She had good directions describing how she had done it, and she had written a beautiful story explaining why she had designed this particular card for a certain person. This was a great blog. I bookmarked it and checked back in frequently to see what she had created.

A few months ago I decided to begin redecorating our home. I reentered the blog world looking for ideas. I was soon hooked and have spent countless hours reading other people's blogs. I have found some wonderful blogs during this search. I have also gained some insight into what I would and would not do if I ever had my own blog.

Here are my blogging rules for myself.

1. This blog is ultimately for me. This is my place to put down the ideas swirling in my brain, and to improve my writing skills. It would be very encouraging and flattering to have other people read my work and comment. It isn't necessary though. Please don't misunderstand me, I will be happy if this blog encourages or assists anyone else in their daily life. Ultimately though, this blog will serve its' purpose even if I am the only one who ever sees it.

2. A blog is NOT a personal diary. It is more like a flashing neon sign beside the world's busiest information super highway. Theoretically speaking, NOTHING is personal on the internet. While most people using the internet are good people, some are not and would use any personal information they can possibly find for destructive purposes. I don't want to give the evil ones any more ammunition than I have to, so I will limit the amount of personal information and photographs I post.

3. This is not a place for me to air personal gripes, pet peeves, or gossip. I will try not to criticize individual people here. I may occasionally air my views on public policy and political figures though. I believe dialogue and debate are good. They help us decide what we truly believe and why. Attacks are unnecessary however. The world already has enough shouting, so I will try not to add to the chaos.

4. I will try to emphasize quality over quantity. I would rather have fewer posts of good quality then many posts of inferior content.

5. I don't expect anyone else to have these rules or any rules for their blogs. A person's blog should reflect their taste and their style. I would never tell someone else, particularly a random stranger, how they should raise their family or run their business. I would also never tell someone else how to operate their blog. It's their creative place to do what they wish.

6. I find that I am often a rebellious person. In other words, I break the rules. Consequently, don't be surprised if you see me breaking my own personal blogging rules! It could happen at any moment.

Blessings to you!

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