Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Moving Experience

I had previously started another blog about my life as a transplant to the prairie. Just a few days after making my first large entry though, everything changed. My husband went into work on a Monday and was told he was being laid off on Friday. 4 Days Notice! We were very upset because we have been here less than a year. Last year we moved 500 miles from home so my husband could take this job because we thought it would provide more job security. We had no idea what we would do now.

When my husband returned to work on Tuesday, his employer told him that they would try to find him a position with the company at another location. They hoped they could keep us in the continental United States but made no promises. Wednesday brought different news. My husband was told then that he could remain at the current location, but would have a different job doing something he had never done before. On Thursday, the company told my husband he could keep his current job but they were creating a position for him on a new shift on different days. Friday he decided he should go ahead and apply for a transfer anyway just so we could be sure that he could actually stay employed.

So I find myself packing boxes again. We have been married almost 24 years and this is our 10th move. I'm getting pretty good at packing, but I can't really say that I enjoy it. The irony in this move is that my husband's new job was available last year. We could have moved last summer and it would have only been about 30-45 miles. Now we are facing another move of more than 500 miles and having to get adjusted to a new home and community again.

At least my husband has a job though. So many people are struggling just to find employment right now. I am truly grateful to his employer for recognizing the sacrifices that my husband had made for them previously and trying to reward him for his commitment. Hopefully this new position will work out and we can stay for more than a year.

My husband has begun the search for a rental home in our new location. Meanwhile I am busy packing boxes and preparing the little camper for the possibility of it becoming a temporary "home" again.

You can see that my life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs, and plenty of turns. It is never dull. It is always an adventure.

Blessings to you!

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