Monday, July 13, 2009

Shhh.... Don't tell my husband

I did a good thing over the weekend. I sold 4 more boxes of stuff we didn't need and made a quick $100. But then...... I did a not so good thing. I went to a thrift store. Just please don't tell my husband, because he will tease me, relentlessly. He thinks I am a thriftaholic. I say I am not. I can quit whenever I want to. I just have never wanted to. This weekend makes me fear that he may be right though.

It started out innocently enough. I was just driving by the thrift store when I decided I would stop by and see what was new, but only buy things we NEEDED. I had told my DH that I would quit buying thrift treasures until after the move. At first I was restrained. I found a huge package of clothespins for 99 cents. We will NEED those for the clothesline my husband has promised for the new house. I also found a package of new tie on price tags, also only 99 cents. We NEED those for our upcoming sale.

Then the trouble started. I saw the "other items". They whispered to me, "We are beautiful. We are bargains. You will want us later and won't be able to find us again." Somehow in a rush of adrenalin they ended up in my cart. It's all sort of a fog now, which could be from the excitement I was feeling at the time. They were real bargains though. The total expense for all of them was less then $6.00. I have always wanted one of those canning jar lamps, and who could pass up that 1829 bear for only $1.49. I certainly couldn't!

I took the photographs of them as soon as I got home. Then I ripped the price tags off of my new treasures and quickly packed them in boxes for the move. I will unpack those boxes last. If my husband asks where they came from, I will just say, "Oh, those old things. I have had them for awhile."

I won't actually define "awhile" unless he asks me to. Just please don't you tell him, or I fear that the laughing may never stop. I wish you good luck in your own thrifting this week.

Blessings to you.


  1. We won't tell, we all do it! ;)

  2. Thanks for keeping my secret! Have a great day.

  3. I can keep a secret :) yours is safe with me.

    Great bargains!


  4. LOL! I think your secret is safe with us!! Just don't let hubby read this blog.

    Thanks for your visit. Your blog is great and I am a follower!!! Hmmmm, sounds like I'm stalking you. LOL!!! Have a great day!

  5. My husband teases me too! :( But it sure doesn't slow me down. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway. Your name is in the pot. : )


  6. Hee Hee! Love it! How could you pass up those deals! I have the same problem...I just bought clothespins and one of those cloth clothespin bags that hangs on the line this past weekend also!($2.00 ~ Estate Sale ~ never used!!) You'll need one of those pin bags you know....something to look for next time.

    Thanks for visiting me and have a great day!!

  7. I love a bargain...I shop a thrift store in a neighboring town and find clothes that have hardly if ever been worn.I used to go to more garage sales, but not as much anymore. No room in our house.

  8. Great thrift shop goodies...and I won't tell a soul that you got them. lol...
    I'm going thifting with a friend tomorrow and I hope that I find some great deals like you did!

  9. Thanks ladies. It has been fun to see how many other bargain hunters there are in blogland. I tell my husband that he is actually lucky that I like to shop at Goodwill more than the mall.

  10. Oh too funny! We could be twins! It's OK to be a thriftaholic in fact in today's world it's an admirable thing! But yes I like to "slip" my new treasures into the house undetected and hide them into a messy spot (not hard to find!) somewhere in my sewing room and then later will drag out my new found treasure(s) and place it in it's new home and exclaim--oh yeah I found it in the sewing room. hehehhee! Don't ever pass up a thriftportunity--it's too painful!

    Cathy ♥