Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Naughty little Kitty

Fluffy may look cute and cuddly, but that is just an act. He is becoming a real trickster.

Imagine for just a moment that you are a young cat living on a farm looking for some mischief to get into during the summer. What would you do? Here is an idea for you.

You could watch for the farmhouse lady to come outside and walk the big dogs. You walk beside them on the trail for awhile, then disappear into the cornfield. You stealthly sneak through the cornfield beside the trail until you are ahead of everyone else. You hunker down and silently wait. They get closer and closer, and still you don't move a muscle.

Then when everyone is almost right beside you, rustle the corn as much as possible and jump out in front of them. Be sure to stick your tail up and try to look larger than you really are. Make as much noise as you can and look ferocious.

Sometimes you might even scare the big dogs , but everytime you will frighten the farmhouse lady. If you are really lucky, the first time you do this she might even yell out in fear. It is great fun. Then don't forget to run back to the barn, as fast as you can, and tell the other cats how funny you are.

Oh, there is just one more thing. Don't be surprised if the nice farmhouse lady refuses to give you any cat treats for the next few days because she says you are one naughty little kitty.

Anybody need a cat?


  1. LOL!!!! We have a new kitty in our home. One minute he is the most loving cat I have ever known. He actually tugs on our legs and raises his paws to be picked up and then he wants kisses and loving. The next minute, he is waiting for our naked ankles to show themselves so he can attack them! I finally understand why folks love cats so much. :)

  2. How funny! I can just see this little mischief maker in action! I have a little trickster myself. His name is Harley and you can see his latest mishief on my blog. Kitties...you gotta love 'em! ~~Annie

  3. Naughty Kitty!! Funny Story!! I couldn't help but laugh when I read it. Your little trickster is very cute!!

  4. Hello. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Thank you for the cat idea. My son would love it, but my husband has said that another cat may not be good since we may be moving. Thank you for the thought though! Have a blessed day!

  5. Reminds me of a note I just received from an aunt. She signed her name and "KMD". I later found out it stands for Kitties of Mass Destruction!

  6. That was cute! It reminded me of our cat "Angel". We named her that because they say "what you say is what you get". Well, she was no angel. I played hide and seek with her as a kitten and when she got bigger, she would hide and when I walked by, she would grab my leg. After I had back surgery, we had to find her a new home because it was too risky for me. A cat loving friend took her and gave her a wonderful home. My husband said Angel's behavior was all my fault.

  7. awe! He's just a little mischievous! thanks for visiting my naked lady house! lol!