Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have been ReStored. Have you? ReStore is a retail chain which benefits Habitat for Humanity. They sell new and used merchandise and the proceeds fund Habitat projects. They get donations from individuals, other retail stores, and even contractors. I like to think of it as a thrift store and recycling center thrown together. They are located all over the country and each one is different.

The ReStore where we used to live was fabulous! It was located in a giant warehouse and they would sell virtually anything they could get donated, so you never knew what to expect. Through the years we bought a variety of stuff there including: a washing machine, a 6 foot tall set of old barn wood shelves, closet doors, my sewing machine table, lamps, a ceiling fan, tile, paint, stain, flowers, and even books. Some of the things we saw there but didn't buy included: lots of furniture, a wood stove, a jacuzzi, floor sample cabinets from the local home supply store, and a matching bright pink bathtub and toilet (which our daughter really wanted, but couldn't convince her dad to buy). If you needed it for your home, they probably had it somewhere in the building.

Where we live now, the ReStore is a little more selective. Much to my disappointment, they only sell nice things. I kind of miss digging through the piles of "assorted junk" looking for the treasure. Here everything is clean and organized. This store is designed more for dainty home remodelers than hard core junkers like me. Still, they occasionally have some interesting things.

One time when we went in, I found this old wooden hamper that I thought would be perfect for our downstairs bathroom. I loved it the moment that I saw it. It is covered with crackled, mustard yellow paint which has mellowed with age, and the handles have worn away until the bare wood is exposed underneath. It looks old and rustic, perfect for a farmhouse.

At $10.00 it was priced a little higher than my usual thrifting purchases, but we actually needed it, so I could justify paying the price. We have zero cabinets in our downstairs bathroom. There is literally nowhere to put an extra towel, washcloth, or roll of t.p. We had been needing some storage in there desperately for awhile, but I had not been able to find anything that was small enough to fit in. This darling little hamper was going to be just right.
My husband put the hamper up by the checkout and told the cashier we wanted it. The little old man looked at my husband and said, "I know what you are going to be doing as soon as you get home."

My husband and I both turned and looked at the the man, wondering what he would say next. He then finished his sentence, "You are going to be doing some painting I am sure."

I gasped, "Oh no!".

My husband busted out laughing and explained that there was no way I was going to let him get a paint brush anywhere near my new treasure. Then he told the cashier that I was actually buying the piece because I LIKED the paint.

The sweet, little old man looked at me in wonderment and just shook his head in disbelief. He didn't seem to understand that one man's trash really can be another man's treasure.

My rustic hamper worked very well as a cabinet in the downstairs bath. I was able to cram lots of bath goodies in it, and yes it will be making the move with us. I just can't bear to part with something that has such a terrific paint job!

If you haven't found ReStore yet, I encourage you to look for one in your area. The treasure you buy there will help provide a needy family with decent, safe, affordable housing. That is a win-win in my mind. Blessings to you and good luck thrifting this week.


  1. I like that hamper as well. I have to admit that we have not gone to Habitat for Humanity store. We have heard that you can get some good buys there.

  2. I love the finish on your hamper too! I'll have to look for one of those stores in our area.

  3. I love HFH....and I love that find!!!!! Beth

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I admit it, I am addicted to thrifting. I like finding unusual stuff at bargain prices. Through the internet, I have found that there are lots of us out there looking for hidden treasures. Oh what fun!