Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Freezing Fog and the promise of spring

Last month we awakened to find that freezing fog had descended upon our little farm. It may be the most unusual weather phenomenon of all. It covers almost everything with a fine coat of ice which looks like a heavy frost, but different. Each tiny ice crystal seems to freeze individually, stacking up on top of each other. What amazes me most is how they appear to defy gravity. I can't even find the words to describe how they build on top of each other. You will have to enlarge the photo of the leaves to see what I am poorly attempting to describe.

While the freezing fog may be beautiful to look at, it is treacherous to drive in. That is why I am happy to say that I think winter may be done here. Woo-hoo!! The snow has finally, completely melted. This is a glorious day. We have had snow on the ground here in our little corner of the prairie since December 1st, 2009. The craziest thing is that the weather is not supposed to be like that here, because I don't live that far north. It just so happens that I moved to this area just in time to experience two of the coldest winters in more than a century.

I am pretty sure it is over though. I actually heard some birds singing when I was walking the dog. The dog was so surprised that she just stopped and looked to see where the birds were at. Then we both just stood in the field for a few minutes quietly enjoying the hint of spring's sweetness whispering to us. I can hardly wait for the beautiful wildflowers and grasses to return to the prairie. But for now, I will just settle for seeing the sunshine peeking through the curtains beckoning me to return outside, because it holds a promise that the fields will spring to life again soon.


  1. It's a warm day here, warmer than we've had a in a long time. It's staring to feel like spring and that is great!


  2. I always love your photographs and you have described the prairie so poetically.
    Isn't it good to hear the sound of birds calling to eachother? I was making up the bed when I heard the sweetest little twittering outside - did my heart good!

  3. We get lots of fog but not the frozen variety! The tree looks like coral from the sea.

    It's nice to know there are still some wide open spaces in out country. Your header photo is stunning. We had a warm spell but it has been very cold and windy the last two days.