Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet little Rooster

I would like to welcome the newest rooster to our kitchen. He arrived around Valentine's Day, and I have been trying to find just the right spot for him since then. He really is rather cute.

He helps out in the kitchen by holding a recipe when I am cooking.

Most of the time he just stands around looking handsome though.

He seemed so happy here at first. Then yesterday he started complaining . It seems that he doesn't like the darling ribbon I tied on him. I think it is because the other new fellow in the kitchen makes fun of him whenever I leave the room.

I hope the teasing stops soon, but you know how roosters are.


  1. I've always loved roosters. Your's are so nice. I love the new look on your blog..including the header. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post today.Spring is coming...

  2. Love your roosters. The black one that holds the recipe card is just like a pig one that I saw at Hobby Lobby yesterday...too cute!!

  3. TOO CUTE!! I'd love one like him!.. Then maybe another one to hold down the recipe book pages from turning, with his little rooster feet! (0; Ya think?! ~tina

  4. 您的blog蠻不錯的耶,祝你快樂哦!期待您的更新!........................................

  5. Oh yes, we know how roosters are! I hear Barb at Bella Vista will be having another rooster party this year. I recently bought a set of kitchen curtains with roosters but frankly, it might be too much of a good thing. Hundreds of little rooster a few feet from your face as you do dishes can be a little overwhelming.