Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How many cats?

How many cats can you fit into a basket? Just how many cats can crawl in there to snuggle, sleep, wrestle, and even give each other a bath? Do you have a guess?

One, you think.

Two, maybe.

Three. Now you have figured it out!

You can tell the cats to get out of that basket, but they will ignore you.

You can explain to the cats where you got that basket and why you like it, but they won't listen.

Or.........you can accept the fact that they look really cute in that basket, and just marvel at their appreciation for antiques. At least they have good taste.

Furry blessings to you.


  1. They are just too cute!! One thing about cats...if there is a place they are not to be in, that's where they will be. Thanks for sharing such cute pics.

  2. Adorable...those blue eyes are amazing.

    You know pet law says, where ever we are not supposed to be, we are.

  3. Oh, they are ALL just beautiful! I had a post very similar a ways back! I had just bought a nice big handle basket like yours, and in no time my cat was in it, then out, and right back in it again.. Clearly I was wrong about using it for any DECORATIVE purposes! (0; What was I THINKING?!! ~tina

  4. Love your photos and post. Your kitties are the nicest basket fillers ever!
    Best wishes

  5. Oh the kitties are so sweet. I used to have a black and white kitty and everytime I see one my heart just melts. Perfect use for your basket! Lovely photos ~ thanks! Jenn

  6. I love all the pictures. So sweet.
    Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face. :-)

  7. Love the photos of the kitties in that basket!! Too cute!!

  8. OMG! They are the most adorable little creatures! I LOVE the photo of the black and white kitty with the blue eyes! Just too cute for words! ~~Annie

  9. Oh those furry little stinkers..they are just precious...I have some funny photos of my stanley kitty as a kitten in a Bauer bowl and a huge pasta bowl and the tiniest little basket ever and he got comfortable..that little kittens blue eyes are amazing...they look precious...wish I could take that basket of kittens home with me..:)thanks for sharing..it put a big smile on my face..:)

  10. How adorable! I love cats...I have 2. :)


  11. Oh my gosh, they are too cute. I bet they'd like to go shopping with you next time!

    We are having so much fun with son's new kitty. I was working one day and heard a strange sound and turned around to see the kitten trying to nurse in my lab's "armpit". The dog is so good and just layed there letting him do it. I took a couple of photos and will try to get them posted.

  12. Love the photos of the kitties in that basket!! Too cute!!

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