Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the Road Again

Hello. I am sorry I have not been out and about in blogland much lately. I probably won't be for a few more days either. We are in the process of moving the rest of our stuff from the Ozarks to the prairie. I'll tell you about it when we finally get it all home and unpacked.

Unfortunately the tractor in the photo is not ours, so it won't be coming with us. I'm not sure who it actually belongs to. It was just sitting in the field of our home back in the Ozarks. Our landlord said a friend of his just left it there one day and never came back for it. I wish it was mine though!
Blessings to you.


  1. I wish the tractor was yours, too. It's just too neat! I would love seeing it in the "back 40" of your property.

    Take care and have a blessed weekend!


  2. Love that tractor! Reminds me of growing up on the farm - ahhh it was bliss - but not the time I nearly crashed the tractor!!!
    Hope all goes smoothly for you in the move to the prairie.
    Best wishes

  3. What a gorgeous tractor...really. It's such a great photo!
    Good luck with your move.

  4. I'm sure that tractor was red at one time, huh?
    I love the salmony pink it's faded to! Maybe that's why it got left. It's looking to girly ~ for a tractor!

  5. Dear CWA, Thanks for stopping in an for the sweet comment. Hope your move goes well. Sorry you are not taking the tractor. Would the landlord know it was missing? I feel some plowing coming on.....I am having a giveaway soon. Stop in again...

  6. I love these Ozarks, too bad you are moving. I hope your move is a happy one! I'm glad you at least have a picture of 'your' tractor. Twyla