Saturday, August 1, 2009

The girlie-girl in me

In my last post, I wrote about deciding to decorate the main parts or shared parts of the house in sort of a country, primitive, folk art style. The master bedroom is going to be different. This is the one room where I hope to release my cottage, shabby chic, romantic, feminine side. There is only one potential problem with this plan. I'm married.

While I may have a girlie-girl side, my husband is more of a burly man. He is a Nascar, hunting and fishing, and Craftsman tool loving guy. His favorite home decor catalogs come from Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas. If he was in charge of decorating, we would probably have the camo couch and matching recliner by now.

When I talked to my husband about how I wanted to change the bedroom into sort of a "Secret Garden" with lots of birds and flowers and chippy furniture, he said he just had a couple of requests. His first request was that some sort of bed still remain in the room, and his second request was that he still be allowed to sleep in said bed. Since these seemed like such reasonable requests, I agreed.

Now the fun part can begin. My first adventure has been the makeover of the chest of drawers in the bedroom. My goal is to make it match.....

this mirror....

and this picture frame...

The chest makeover is already almost done. There are a few finishing touches left to do though. I hope it will be ready to reveal soon.

Then I will dive back into the blog world looking for inspiration from some of those beautiful cottage decorators out there. I just love seeing all the different ways they incorporate country and shabby chic into their homes. So this is a warning to all my cottage blog friends, don't be surprised if you see me prowling around your blogs looking for inspiration. I am continually amazed by how you turn your thrift store, garage sale, and hand me down finds into such gorgeous rooms for your families to enjoy. I believe that your photos and decorating tips just may provide me with enough help that I can actually have a coordinated room for once.

Thank you to everyone for all the great ideas you have already given me. I can hardly wait to get started on this no cost/low cost decorating adventure.


  1. I missed your last post so I had to go back and read it. I know exactly how you feel. I think you have a great plan going. Can't wait to see what you do in all the rooms. One blog I love is
    she is a professional who has a great mix of country/farm with a french and vintage feel. I wish I could mix it all up like she does!

  2. I sure hope you get the look you want - you have wanted it for so long...and what a sweetheart of a hubby to not put up a are very lucky.
    Can't wait to see the outcome - it will be wonderful and well deserved girlie-girl room

  3. I can't wait to see how your room turns out!! I know it will be great!

  4. I think you have a good start. I would like a more girlie room too, but when you have a hubby who wears size 14's hard to make him comfortable, but I'm doing it a little at a time.